As part of the Georgian Enamels: Piecing together a new narrative project I have just completed a three session master class, spread over as many weeks, at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.

SoJ Master class 0

The aim of the event was to explore some of the ideas and processes used in the creation of the work for the exhibition, giving participants the opportunity to develop new skills in enamel and apply this knowledge to the creation of their own enamel objects.

SoJ Master class 3

Working with eleven students from across two courses, the event provided an enrichment experience to complement their formal taught studies. In the first session they experienced a crash course in the use of wet process and painting enamels, and heard first hand about the exhibition, how I had gone about responding to the historic artefacts in the museum and the narratives that lay behind the contemporary objects that I had made. The second session saw the emphasis change to the exploration of simple mechanics and finding out how this could be used to bring an object alive. The final week provided an opportunity for the students to bring together this knowledge, amalgamate it with their own creative interests and make an object or objects.

SoJ Master class 2

SoJ Master class 4

The result was an eclectic mix of things, some complete, some not (a day to make was somewhat demanding), some focused more on material experimentation whilst others explored simple mechanics and created automata.

SoJ Master class 5

SoJ Master class 9



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